Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A new website

Today I released a new personal site:
For build this site, I used the following tools:

  1. Template: I'm using the ALPHA html5 template available on They are responsive!
  2. GitHub: For source code management. The repo is here 
  3. Ftploy: As a Continuous Delivery tool, publishing my master branch via ftp.
Additional tools:
  1. Web Page to know if my site is working correctly
  2. Font Awesome for the icons on the page
This is the result:

WebPageTest report:

For the Compress transfer and Cache Static Content, Apache uses the .htaccess file.
For the image compression, I used CompressJPG 
As this is a personal page, I don't care about CDN. However, it is possible to use AWS CloudFrount or others CDN providers.
This is the output of FTPloy:


Bueno, después de un tiempazo sin postear nada... voy a mandar fruta contando un poco sobre Samoa. Aprovechando que en THL nos obligaron...